AllGCU Majors

Grand Canyon University Majors

Grand Canyon University Majors

Health Professions

Athletic Training

Bachelors 20 Graduates No Online

Hospital Management

Bachelors 282 Graduates Offered Online

Kinesiology and Exercise Science

Bachelors 62 Graduates No Online

Medical Technician

Bachelors 148 Graduates Offered Online


Bachelors 4581 Graduates Offered Online

Psychiatric and Mental Health Services

Bachelors 13 Graduates Offered Online

Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling

Bachelors 93 Graduates Offered Online



Bachelors 13 Graduates Offered Online


Bachelors 164 Graduates Offered Online

Community Organization and Advocacy

Bachelors 232 Graduates Offered Online


Bachelors 46 Graduates Offered Online

Human Services

Bachelors 661 Graduates Offered Online


Bachelors 40 Graduates Offered Online

Music History and Literature

Bachelors 5 Graduates No Online

Political Science and Government

Bachelors 49 Graduates Offered Online

Professional and Technical Writing

Bachelors 9 Graduates Offered Online

Religious Education

Bachelors 267 Graduates Offered Online

Social Work and Youth Services

Bachelors 154 Graduates Offered Online

Protective Services

Forensic Science and Technology

Bachelors 23 Graduates No Online

Homeland Security and Disaster Management

Bachelors 167 Graduates Offered Online

Police and Criminal Science

Bachelors 186 Graduates Offered Online

Science, Technology, and Math

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Bachelors 4 Graduates No Online


Bachelors 264 Graduates No Online

Computer Programming

Bachelors 2 Graduates No Online

Computer Science

Bachelors 13 Graduates No Online

Environmental Science

Bachelors 2 Graduates No Online

Information Science

Bachelors 7 Graduates Offered Online

Information Technology

Bachelors 10 Graduates Offered Online

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